25 January 2016

steamroom etiquette

if you're interested in some male action in a steamroom - you could do worse that take the following advice:

1) don't wear your swimwear into the steamroom
nothing says "i'm not interested" that if you have you have your dick locked away ... a bloke in the steam room recently arrived wearing his speedos ... other guys assumed nothing was going to happen, and left ... but it turned out he was up for it ... but he had killed the mood by then !

2) wear your towel with the "join" at your crotch
guys who are wrapped up like a kipper in a towel scream "i'm straight" ... but if it looks like your dick is accessible - now thats a different matter ...

3) touch yourself
one of the best ways of signalling to other guys that you are interested, is to adjust your dick ... of course sometimes it is just a straight guy adjusting himself ... but if it happens a few times ... he's usually not that straight

4) keep your hands at your crotch
if you're too shy to touch/adjust yourself ... at least keep your hands by your dick !

5) enter the steam room buck naked
nothing shouts "come and get it" as much as a guy sitting there completely naked ... although in parts of europe everybody does this, so it doesn't work !

general etiquette:

i) don't keep the door ope
seriously - a selfish guy the other stood with the door open hanging his towel up - why ?!

ii) don't lie across half the available space if people are standing

iii) don't pour cold water on the temperature sensor without asking other occupants
just because you want more steam, doesn't mean everybody does - ask !

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