14 June 2017

Too Slow or Too Shy

i was in one of my local gyms the other day ... i had spotted a beautiful looking young guy enter the locker room from the gym, just as i was entering the steam room ...

before long, he appeared in the steam room ... but sat in the corner ... with his hand away from his crotch ... so i wasn't optimistic about potential.

after a while, it was just the two of us ... and i noticed that his hands moved to his crotch ... but he was still in the far corner ... so i still wasn't very optimistic.

a short time later he moved to get close to the steam machine (which was also closer to me) ... and he adjusted his crotch ... so i started to get a bit more interested.

next thing, he undid his towel, and rearranged it ... exposing his dick (not hard) ... which would be unusual for a guy who isn't interested.

after that he sat down not far from me ... and adjusted himself again !

i reckoned that was my cue ... so got up ... stood near to him ... and exposed myself ...

he quickly grabbed my hard dick ... and he opened his legs, and exposed his own hard dick !

as i lent down to play with his dick ... we kissed ... but he tasted a bit of garlic (lots of french people live in this part of town) ... so i didn't try it again !

he also seemed to enjoy sucking my dick.

shortly afterward we got interrupted.

once again, another example of the importance of not wasting time !

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