02 June 2017

there were five in the steam room

one of my local gyms gets quite busy at lunchtime ... but usually there's a straight guy around to spoil the party ... so normally nothing happens ... or sometimes the way people end up spread around the steam room means nothing happens ...

the other day, after some comings and goings ... it ended up with five of us in the steam room ...

on my right - cute guy, terribly shy, somehow i chat to him on Squirt encouraging him
on my left - slightly camp, obviously up for it
further left - another shy guy i've seen before, definitely into guys
far side - too steamy to see, but adjusting himself, so looking positive

i've never seen a guy sitting in the far corner with enough balls to get things moving like this guy did ... so despite him not being my type (and i was quite happy that he was over the far side), i was impressed !

as quite often happens, i was the first guy to shoot ... followed soon after by the guy on my left ... and i think both the guy on the far side and the guy further to my left shot their loads as well ... although the steam was so thick it was hard to tell.

later that afternoon i was chatting on Squirt to the guy on my right, who sadly never ejaculated ... but he said he really enjoyed it.  

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