28 June 2017

why do some steam rooms not work ?

most of my steam room encounters happen at two different gyms (let's call them Gym1 and Gym2) ... the thing they have in common in that the steam room is located in men's changing room area ... so you aren't distrubed (either visually or literally) by women !

but there's another nearby gym with both a steam room and a sauna in the men's locker room ... but whilst i've had a little "low level" activty in Gym3, i've never had the same success as in the other two steam rooms ... so i tried to work out why ?

i wondered if it's because the Gym3 is a cheaper place - maybe the gays prefer higher class establishments ?
but the very first gym (let's call it Gym0) that i messed around in, and was an absolute mecca for gay guys, was in a cheap and cheerful gym - so i don't buy this argument.
in fact after Gym0 closed the male steam room, some of the regulars moved to Gym3 - but they didn't seem to last too long ...

another thing that's different about the steam room in Gym3 is that it's smaller than the others - maybe the close proximity of the door makes it too risky ?
i'm not sure i buy this either - it's amazing how quick one can cover up when interrupted !

the final thing i noticed about Gym3's steam room is that it's white !
the walls are white, the benches are white, the floor is white - it's blindingly white !!
maybe the colour means it's harder to hide.  or maybe colour influences behaviour - and we think we should behave "properly" in a white place - maybe it reminds us of whitewashed churches ?


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