08 June 2017

wrap your hand around it

i was chatting to this guy on Grindr the other day, and he seemed keen to come over for some fun ...

his pics looked good ... but he kept asking for my exact address - but i don't give out my apartment number, as i always go down to the front door of the block, and check that they aren't crazy / completely off their face !

i was getting close to shutting him down, but he calmed down, and before long (and after tidying up my flat a bit) he arrived over.

quite a bit better looking than his pics - and without a beard - always good for me !

we got down to business straight away (it turned out that he was late to meet friends) ... and he was the sort of guy who clearly likes to enjoy these encounters ... which was great.

i was slightly worried that he might be a bare backer ... but i managed to stop things slipping in where they shouldn't !

i shot first ... and instead of him manipulating himself ... he said "wrap your hand around it" - pointing to his dick.  it wasn't the thickest of members, so it was quite easy to do that ... and before long he produced a lovely thick white output - although it didn't travel as far as mine !

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