23 July 2017

Let Go !

i was back in the steam room recently ... and there was just one guy there ... who i'd seen around the gym many times before ... but had never seen involved in any action ...

he had chosen to sit close to me ... so i assumed he was up for some fun ... and before long my hand was on his dick ... which felt slightly odd - the skin was harder than any dick i had felt before ...

he seemed to get nervous, and asked me to let go ... but he didn't leave ... so i stood up ... and let him play with my dick - as i touched his chest ...

but he got nervous again ... and soon afterwards he left.

which got me wondering ... why ?

Is he closeted ?
I guess it's possible - but he's quite camp, and is always looking around at guys in the locker room / steam room, so i don't think so.

Is he just not into me ?
Always possible !  But his dick was obviously hard, and stayed hard, so i don't think this was the problem.

Is he partnered ?
Impossible to know, i guess.

Was i just too forward - would a more subtle approach have worked ?
Quite possibly - i suspect that i'm too direct for some guys.  The trouble is that you never know how much time you will have in a steam room !

i will have to keep an eye out for him and see if i can work it out ... if he returns !

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