07 December 2018

a decade later

i met a guy years ago for a date ... and we ended up in his flat ... but his flatmate (also his ex) was asleep upstairs, so we had to be quiet ... so ended up shooting in the kitchen !

it was all very odd ... and i've bumped into him a few times since - i suspect he still lives in the same place ... and i've seen him on Grindr ... but i've never actually met up with him again

but the other day i was in one of my local gyms ... which has a jacuzzi in the men's locker room ... and saw him standing in it naked ... which was a nice surprise !

i smiled at him ... and went into the steam ... and before long he followed me in ...

and we got to work on each other ...

he's obviously older than the last time i had my hands on him ... and has developed little man breasts ... but otherwise he is still in great shape ... and has a beautiful uncut dick

it didn't take long before i was expressing my pleasure in liquid form ... but he didn't seem up for shooting ...

maybe i can persuade him to cum next time !


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