17 December 2018

Second coming

normally when i'm messing around with a guy in the steam ... i try and coordinate ejaculations so that they both happen fairly close to each other ...

the other day i was with a short guy with long hair ... who has a bit of a Jesus look about him ... who i've seen a few times before ... but never had a mutually explosive encounter ...

this time he was getting into it ... but he wasn't communicating about how close he was ...

and then he just starting cumming without any warning ... so it took me about 30 seconds to catch up !

i'm not sure if his english isn't great ... or whether he was high (he seemed to go back to the steam room afterwards for more) ... or he just isn't interested in cumming with other guys

whatever the reason, it was a bit of a downer - as he lost interest as soon as he started producing

onwards and upwards !


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