28 December 2018

The Inheritance

if you live in London and are interested in theatre, then you've probably already been to see the epic two part double bill that is Matthew Lopez's Inheritance

if, like me until recently, you haven't got around to seeing it ... then it's time to get a move on - the play closes in the West End on 19th January 2018

the adverts warn about "full frontal male nudity" - but it's more of a (unnecessary) gimmick, rather that anything to get excited / worried about ... it's in Part I, is fairly brief, unerect, and whilst the actor is incredibly fit, his equipment isn't that impressive

the play is seriously impressive though - no wonder it has won so many awards.  the acting is excellent.  the staging is simple but effective.

and whilst you might worry about spending 3 hours 20 minutes on two evenings (or twice in one day if you are really brave) in a theatre - it flies by.

i bought my tickets through TodayTix - who sell off seats for 20 quid at 10am each day.  for the Part II i forked out an extra 7 quid and bought a ticket five rows further in front of the 20 quid seats - which i think was money well spent.  there are lots of other ways to buy tickets !

a huge amount of the audience on the two evenings i went were gay men - but there were plenty of others there too !

you've got three weeks left - if you like plays, go see it


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