25 January 2019

Making him leak

I was back at the 2nd most notorious gym (in my chain), and there was a guy in the steam who was clearly up for some fun ... and had a beautiful meaty dick that he was happy to show me ...

but there was a guy on the far side who was behaving strangely - one minute he was popping his dick out of his shorts, but then he would become uptight.  after the steam finished for the day, he roamed the showers like a bitch on heat - just a shame he hadn't shown some of that eagerness in the steam room !

after i'd showered i ended up standing beside the guy with the lovely meaty dick applying body lotion - i find that after time in the steam, i need to moisturise !  his towel was open, and his dick on show again ... and as i moisturised myself, including applying it generously to my own dick - his dick started leaking precum.

i thought that i produce quite a lot of "pre-ejaculate" - but it's usually a result of physical manipulation ... this guy was leaking without even touching his dick ... all he was doing was watching me touch mine !

it was very enjoyable to watch ... but it would have been even more fun to get my hands on his equipment

maybe next time


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