23 January 2019

2nd most notorious gym

as well as the notorious steam room that i write about ... there's another gym that is almost as notorious - it's the one with the jacuzzi in the men's changing rooms

a couple of months ago i hooked up with a guy there ... and when i'm feeling like a local steam - i sometimes visit the 2nd most notorious gym

just like my last visit - there was a naked guy in the jacuzzi ... and after having a look at him ... he left the jacuzzi and followed me into the steam room ...

before long we were playing with ourselves ... and soon afterwards, i was standing over him with my "lad" in my hand, waiting to unload on him ... which he seemed to want ... so i did !

it was all very quick ... and afterward i had my shower and was out of the gym within about 15 mins of arriving !


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