14 January 2019

playing games after sex

i'd arranged to go on a date with this guy ... who turned out to be a bit younger looking and shorter than this profile pictures - but still cute

we had a pleasant enough time - he talked a lot, which i was quite happy with ... but i sort of knew that there weren't really any long term prospects with him ... but he was cute ... so obviously i wanted to see him naked !

after we'd been together a couple of hours, and as we approached an underground station - i asked him if he wanted to come back to my place ... which seemed to surprise him.  but he agreed.

the sex was reasonably good ... but he really seemed to want me to penetrate him bareback ... which just isn't something i'm prepared to do with a guy that i've never met before.

afterwards i asked him if he was on PreP - and him muttered a yes, but it wasn't really convincing ... which made me thankful that i had insisted on a condom.

he said that he finds it difficult to cum - possibly related to him rather small equipment (not that i'm a size queen) ... but then he said that he had masturbated that morning ... which didn't seem to add up

anyway, after we'd finished having sex, we had some great cuddling time - which i always enjoy.

but what was really weird was that after a lot of cuddling - he got out him mobile phone, and started playing a game !

i reckon that if they're playing a computer game straight after sex - it's a sign that they're definitely too young for me !!


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