19 August 2019

Afterglow - coming back

the play must have made some money, as it's coming back - this time to Waterloo East Theatre for six weeks in October / November.  TodayTix currently have "presale" tickets for 20 quid

it'd been over a year since i'd seen a gay play or musical with GB ... but with him leaving the country again soon, i suggested we go and check out Afterglow at the Southwark Playhouse

the summary on their website says: Josh and Alex are a married couple in an open relationship. But after young Darius shares their bed for a night, a new intimate connection begins to form, and all three men must come head to head with one another’s notions of love, intimacy, and commitment

most of the reviews i saw gave it 3 out of 5, and suggested that what it lacked for in storyline, it partly made up for in naked action ... which sounded ok to me !

one of the reviews even went as far as to say that it was "no Inheritance" - a play that i really enjoyed in the West End last year ... and i have to agree, the writing was a bit uninspiring ... and the storyline was somewhat predictable, and sloppily conventional - if a threesome can be regarded as conventional !

so that left the actors to take up the weight ... and they are definitely competent actors - even though none of them stood out as being likely headed for the big time

they were also all seriously fit / slim - to the extent that one of GB's friends suggested they could all do with a "good meal" !  and they all had very pleasant equipment, that was unfolded at regular intervals.  but for some reason i just didn't find them very sexy.  sometimes i can get quite turned on watching a play - but this time there was no sticky precum in my underwear !

GB suggested that my failure to get excited by them might have been because i wasn't convinced they were actually gay.  it's also possible that it was just so damn hot in the theatre that even the gorgeous Tom Labert from Coming Clean would have failed to arouse me as i nearly melted in the hot still air !

if this hasn't actually put you off - there's still a week of performances left ... and if you want to get up close to the nakedness, Monday's matinee is the only one with more than an odd front row seat left.  maybe the sex and shower scenes will turn you on, where they failed to do it for me ...



GB said...

A review of 3/5 seems about right to me. However, whatever we all thought, it's was a very popular play. Not many spare seats!

GB xxx

close encounters said...

good point GB. no wonder i couldn't find any discounted tickets !

Ss said...

Plenty of discounted tickets available with promo codes online
Btw the actor playing the role of Josh is magnificent....both in acting and looks. He might need a meal but looks simply divine while waiting for it

close encounters said...

i failed to find any of those pomo codes !

i do agree that guy playing Josh is the most attractive of three good looking guys.
in terms of acting, i thought that all three were fairly similar - maybe the actor playing Darius was slightly better than the other two.