01 July 2018

Everybody's Talking about Jamie - musical

with GB about to leave the country for a month, we were trying to arrange a night out ... and i suggested a relatively new musical called Everybody's Talking about Jamie

the strapline "a new musical for today" annoyed me when the adverts first appeared - it seemed rather meaningless ... and i feared that the musical might be a bit empty too !  but it had recevied fairly good reviews, and was one of the few musicals i hadn't already seen ...

i got tickets for us in the Dress Circle - having failed in the online lottery for front row tickets - but at least we weren't missing out on any close up nudity !

some of the songs in the first half felt a bit weak - but the second half songs were quite a bit better - without ever being "amazing"

the acting was pretty good, and i particularly liked Shobna Gulati - such an impressive transition from Coronation Street

the dancing was great fun at times, and i thought Marvyn Charles was the best - such graceful, natural movement

the ending was probably the best i've seen in the West End for years - a different take on the standard bow / encore / bow routine.  almost all the audience were on their feet.

ultimately it did feel to me a bit like it was jumping on the Billy Elliot / Kinky Boots bandwagon ... and that worry i had about the fatuous tagline presaging an empty script wasn't wholly misplaced !

if you get a decent price (as we did after failing in the lottery) - then i would recommend this musical.  but i personally wouldn't want to pay full price

if you can't make it to London anytime soon - it will also be playing in lots of cinemas on 5th July, and some more on 6th July, 15th July and finally on 16th July


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