29 July 2019

two and a half years later

i had chatted to this guy on Grindr and previously gayromeo ... and by previously i mean off and on over the last 2.5 years !

i remember him once saying that he'd never actually met up just for sex ... that it had always been for a drink or something ...

our conversations often happened after he'd been out for a few drinks ... so the other day when he contacted me, i assumed that nothing would happen ... so i was probably a bit more abrupt that usual ... i was about to go to sleep - so didn't want to waste time chatting ...

and to my surprise, he did actually agree to come over !

he said he'd only had two drinks ... but he did seem a little drunk ... and he tasted like he was a light smoker - but nothing too bad

he was pretty good at sucking my dick - which is always welcome !

i found him a strange mixture of being reasonably attractive from one angle, and then not so much from another angle ... it was a bit weird

maybe we were both a bit tired, but when we did both cum, neither were the most impressive cumshots ever

he has messaged me again ... maybe if we hooked up when we weren't so tired it might work out better ?!


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