29 January 2016

left holding the cum

the other day in the steam there were a couple of guys who didn't seem interested in action ... but it turned out they both were ... just not at the same time !

the first guy appeared to be the typical closeted "straight" guy ... he didn't want interaction ... but couldn't take his eyes off another dick ... although amusingly he enjoyed playing with his own nipples - not very straight !!

we were alone together in the steam room ... and he looked like he was close to cumming ... but the other guy walked in (i'm pretty sure they had messed around together before i entered) ... but i guess he's a shy type, as he instantly covered up and walked out !

the second guy opened up once it was just the two of us in the steam room ... and he seemed to enjoy me playing with his dick.

with my left hand on his balls ... and my right hand working his dick (with plenty of moisture) - it was making quite a noise ... and just as he started to cum ... the steam room door opened, and a different bloke walked in ... oops !

as his dick was still pulsing, he covered up, and left ... meanwhile i was left with a handful of his cum !


Bruce said...

Man, that sucks for the guy shooting but hey, at least you don't need any more moisture for the next guy! ;-)

close encounters said...

ha ha. i did *not* use it to moisturise my face !