31 January 2016

cum before opening

i recently wrote a few notes for getting the most out of your gym steam room ... but one thing i didn't mention was the need to keep the door closed whilst activities are happening !

the other day i was in the steam room, and there were a couple of guys who were up for some fun ... and we started to get it on ... but before any of us could pour out our enjoyment we got interrupted.

one of the guys gave up, got showered and headed off ... i spoke to him briefly in the changing room, and he seemed like a decent guy.

the other guy though clearly wanted to produce a load ... so a while later we ended up in the steam room together without anybody to stop us ... and i helped him get off.

he was decent enough to stay around to help me fully enjoy the occasion ... but he was so keen to finish up ... that i was still ejecting the end of my load by the time he had the steam room door open to get out !

whilst i appreciate his help in getting off ... i think "waiting to open the door until ejaculators have ejaculated" is a basic courtesy !!

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