04 September 2018

another couple in the steam

i've written before about a steam room encounter where it transpired that the guys getting it on were actually a couple ...

the other day i was in a different gym steam room ... and it started off with a guy sitting down beside me and playing with his beautiful long foreskin ... but nothing happened between us ...

he left ... and another guy came in ... and started playing with his own dick ... but not mine !

i noticed that the two of them both had wedding rings on ... and i presumed that they were "straight" ... as there was a third guy in the corner with a wedding ring who kept starting at our dicks but not doing much - the classic sign of a closeted guy !!

but whilst taking a break from the steam ... i saw the two brazen guys sitting right beside each other outside the steam room chatting away.  straight guys don't sit on top of each other like that !

they seemed more interested in the overweight closeted guy ... so i didn't actually get off with them ... but an interesting way for a couple to spend their evening out


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