29 September 2018


i was in one of my regular gym steam rooms the other day ... it was nearly closing, which can be a frustrating time, as lots of straight guys use the facilities !

there was a beautiful guy in one corner, who looked like he might be gay but shy ... a couple of straight guys ... and in walked a guy who spent his whole time looking at the other occupants - so definitely gay !

a while later, i ended up in the sauna with the definitely gay guy ... but as i've written before, non regulars don't realise that the sauna glass pattern makes it hard to see in from outside ... so you can get away with much more than you realise !

this guy didn't want to get himself off ... but he seemed happy for me to ... and i asked him if he wanted me to shoot on him (as he stood looking out with his ass facing me) ...

a couple of seconds after he confirmed he wanted it ... i was unloading a few day's worth of cum all over him ... watching it drip down his ass !


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