26 September 2018

steam room assignation

i saw a guy on Grindr that looked hot ... so i messaged him ... and it turned out that he knew me ... from years ago !

eventually i worked out who he was ... but we last met almost six years ago ... so i didn't feel too bad about not remembering him !!

he seemed to be interested in a date ... but i wasn't sure about that ... so i suggested meeting up in the gym - as that was how we had appeared on each other's Grindr listings !

we agreed timings ... and there was just one other guy in the steam when we got there ... but he soon left, so there was just the two of us ...

we had a bit of a chat ... and started to get horny ... but he seemed quite worried about getting caught ... which was quite funny since my last memory is of him trying to get me to expose myself in the street !  i guess we all change over the years ...

before too long we both shot our loads ... and showered (separately) ... and ended up back in the changing room ... and chatted a bit more.

he isn't quite as hot as he used to be, and he's put on a bit of weight.  maybe we can hook up again in the steam sometime though ...


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