21 September 2018


i often see Grindr profiles entreating users to visit their "private gloryhole" but i don't think i've ever actually visited one ...

and there's a residential street near my apartment where i've never had an encounter ... until the other day when i killed two birds with one stone !

after a disappointing visit to the gym steam room ... i decided to take this guy up on his offer ...

it didn't start well, as he didn't tell me which floor his apartment was on, and there were lots of doors ... but eventually i found it !

it looked like a rental property ... so it seems like he brought his makeshift gloryhole equipment with him !

i've often written that i mess around with guys in the steam that i don't really find attractive in the cold light of day ... because in the steam you can use your imagination and pretend they are better looking than they atually are ...

well i think the same holds true for gloryhole scenarios !

before i accepted my sexuality, i used to experiment with some "understall" activities - especially on my way home after drink was taken ...

but i don't think i've ever actually stuck my dick through a gloryhole ... under yes, but not through !

he was a pretty good sucker, and the "hole" was big enough that he could use his hand to play with my balls ... which was good

one problem was the material he used for his fake wall - it smelled a bit strange - sort of plastic like ... so i had to make an effort to keep my face away from it !

there was also the issue of it not being solid - so i had to use the sides of the doorway to get a grip, so that i could work up a thrusting rhythmn ...

eventually i figured it out ... and told him that a load was about to be delivered down his throat !

i'm not used to a guy who keeps sucking as i'm shooting - usually they open their mouths at that stage, as they don't want to swallow

but since this guy was eager to swallow, and he kept sucking ... and it felt weird - sort of uncomfortable but sort of good ... but as i reached the end of my ejaculation, i couldn't take it any more, so i pulled out

he seemed to enjoy the encounter, and said "cheers" as i was leaving !

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