06 September 2018

slobbery and clumsy

it was late, and i was a bit tired after a gym session ... but after a quick bite to eat, i felt i had the energy for some fun ... with a guy who i'd been in contact with earlier ...

i went straight up to his hotel bedroom ... and as often happens, he was heavier than his photos !

we had agreed that i would play with him whilst he had a bath ... which was fun ...

his dick seemed like an average size whilst he was in the water but once he was on dry land it seemed quite a bit smaller

as soemtimes happens with uncut guys who don't have a lot of experience, he was way too rough with my dick ... and then kept suggesting it was my sensitivity rather than his roughness !

unfortunately he was a really slobbery kisser - at one stage i had a pool of slobber on my face ... it felt like dealing with a slobbery canine

he also seemed unware of his weight / size ... early on he squashed my arm ... and later kneed me in the balls !

whilst i'm almost always up for post coital cuddles and chat ... this guy wanted to stop in the middle of our encounter and have a chat ... wtf ?

after a while i was approaching ejaculation readiness, but he wasn't sure whether he was going to achieve it - apparently due to his tiredness ... but he did

my cumshot was pretty respectable - especially considering i wasn't hugely turned on by this guy, and considering i'd had a wank earlier than afternoon


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