30 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day thirteen

Today's job was to go back to the clap clinic and get my dick checked out !

It's still not fully healed - there's still a bit on the tip of my dick that's still a bit gooey ... but it's a huge amount better than before

A very nice female doctor made me very comfortable whilst manhandling my manhood - unfortunately the male doctor who saw me last time wasn't working today

Today's doctor agreed with last week's doctor (as they tend to do) - that it was most likely a reaction to medicine that I'd taken ... and suggested it should be fully cleared up in a week ...

That will be three weeks without sex - what a waste of my life !

As usual there was some interesting people watching to be done in the clap clinic waiting room - a couple of guys scratching their groins was fairly standard ...

what was more interesting was a couple (hetero) who were quite happy to be there together - and were both being seen by doctors.  I'm guessing that they were condirming they're both free of STDs before dispensing with condoms ... as i'm guessing they wouldn't be that happy if one of them had just picked up something !


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