03 May 2017

Cum and go

i had noticed this guy a few times on Grindr and other apps ... we had messaged a few times ... but he seemed flaky, or drunk, or high ... or all of the above !

we finally managed to get it together a few weeks ago ... he came over to my place ... but he wasn't as hot as his pics ... he seemed a bit odd ... and i wasn't that turned on ...

i had warned him that it needed to be a quick session ... but it turned out to be quicker than i expected, as he started cumming without warning ... and i had to catch up quickly !

when we chatted afterwards, he said that he divides his time between London and another city, and that he deletes his profile each time he leaves London ... wtf - who does that ?!

some of the other things he said didn't really add up.

a few days later i bumped into him at my local tube station ... we both did recognise each other - but thankfully he was on his mobile, so we didn't have to chat ! 

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