21 May 2017

i hate it when a plan doesn't come together

most of my blog posts are about when a plan does come together (so to speak) ... since it would be pretty dull if i wrote about all the times when i try to hook up with a guy, and it doesn't work out !

but i thought it was worth mentioning today's litany of failure ... to give a smidgen of balance ...

it started off just before lunch in one of my usual gyms - i'd already worked out a lot this week, so just went to shower before meeting friends nearby for lunch.  obviously i had to spend some time in the steam room just to have a look ...

and before long a stunning guy walked in ... he made eye contact ... and before too long i was making contact with his beautiful chest, and even more gorgeous uncut dick.  the trouble was that he was really nervous about getting caught (and possibly guilty about hooking up / already attached) or possibly just not that into me !  anyway, he admitted defeat and used the "it's too hot" excuse - which to be fair, it was a bit.

in the early evening i had an hour to kill before the movie i was going to see, so i decided to check out another of my regular gyms ...

the trouble here was that the steam room was packed out !  most of the guys were probably  gay ... but the usual problem of one guy not being up for it ... or possibly just one guy not fancying the guys beside him ... and nothing happened in the steam room.

out in the showers, one of them had a towel covering the clear glass section - so it was almost certain something was going on.  i could see that the guy in next shower cublicle was down on the floor - i presumed he was getting involved.  but then one (beautiful) guy emerged from the towel covered cubicle ... following not too long afterwards by another (less beautiful) guy !

all this action, but none of it happening with me !  not my finest hours !!

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