11 May 2017

there were three in the steam room (again)

Bank holiday mondays seem to bring out the gays to one of my local gyms ... that attracts quite a lot of gay men even on a normal day.  The jacuzzi (as well as steam room and sauna) in the men's changing room is probably part of the attraction !

The trouble with a steam room with five gay men ... if one of them is feeling a bit shy at any one time ... then the others begin to wonder if he's straight ... and nothing happens !

Most of the guys in the jacuzzi are naked ... and it was fun (and different) to mess around a little with a guy in there ... but it was very exposed ... so nothing much could happen, as straight guys would appear without warning.

Back in the steam room, I found myself with the guy from the jacuzzi ... and we started to get it on ... until another guy appeared - but he was definitely up for it ... so it was all systems go ... until the guy from the jacuzzi started getting nervous ...

But that didn't stop me ... and i shot first ... followed by the third guy (who left soon after) ... and then the guy from the jacuzzi felt more relaxed, and he shot as well.

Phew - I'm exhuasted just writing it !

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