23 May 2017

just sucking

shortly after writing a post about what a sexually frustrutating day it had been ... i was thinking of heading to bed ... when a guy contacted me on Grindr ...

he wasn't too far away ... and wanted to suck ... but warned me that he'd cum a few hours beforehand, so wouldn't be producing his own output.  i did warn him that i would likely be issuing a large load ... but he was up for it !

he turned out to be better looking than his pics - a sweet face, a great body, and an awesome ass that i followed up the stairs to his top floor flat.

once inside his studio flat, we soon got down to business - him completely naked, as i'd asked for ... and me not far behind.  he was a reasonably good sucker - he won't be winning any prizes (not quite enough suction), but i would let him do it again !

what was really hot, was that as he got into it, he started getting hard himself ... and he started sweating slightly - not enough to drip, but enough that i could feel it all over his body.  there's something really great about a guy who is so turned on that he's overheating !

before too long he was manipulating me to explosion (it's not often that i'm turned on enough that another guy can wank me off) ... and it was a bit of a flood (not surprising after a day of so many nearly encounters) ... and he managed to shoot a little too !

afterwards we had a bit of a chat whilst cleaning up / getting dressed ... and he seems like a nice guy ... but like many Americans - a bit stand offish / not completely comfortable in his sexuality or sensuality ... or maybe that's just the way it looks to me ...

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