05 May 2017


i generally try and avoid guys who are High ... and since most guys are happy to advertise their drug consumption on their app profiles, it's fairly straightforward to do !

but a couple of weeks ago, i was messaging a guy who didn't give the impression that he was High ... but he was nearby, and horny ... so i asked him over ...

it soon turned out that he had been with other guys earlier that day ... and had been "naughty" ... which i presume means he had been doing Bareback.

whilst i may mess around with a lot of guys, i don't do bareback, and i try and avoid STDs ... but this guy was not looking like a safe playmate ...

he encouraged me to cum ... but (as often happens with High guys) didn't cum himself - which is another reason i try and avoid High guys !

thankfully it was all over fairly quickly.

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