31 May 2017

5 Guys Chillin'

i saw a special offer on this gay play, and contacted GB to see if he was up for some gay drama ... and with his bf out that night with friends, he agreed !

the Kings Head theatre is at the back of a pub in Islington - it's a very small theatre, so you get very close to the actors/action!  they shouted "doors open" just before the official start time - and this production is one where the actors are already on "stage" as you walk in.

i quite like this device, although i've seen it done better before - where the actors performed the role of ushers, and then converted to actors (think it was "Shopping and Fucking").

just before the start, i asked GB about his general opinion of drugs - and he gave the common view amongst my friends - that they should be decriminalised ... and taxed !

whilst i hold similar liberal views in theory - i've written before about how i'm not really not a fan guys on drugs ... which has been formed after plenty of less than great experiences.

the play consists of a single scene with a group of five guys getting naked, taking drugs, and chatting about sex and drugs.  apparently the play is written from "50 hours of interviews with guys from Grindr and other social media".

for somebody like me who isn't involved in the "chem scene" it was interesting to hear what those people had to say.  it also helped that a couple of the actors were seriously hot. 

this run of the play finishes on 3rd june - so you've got a few days left to see it.

i went in with a negative view of the impact of drugs ... and i came out with same opinion.

i didn't get the chance to ask GB whether his views evolved ... maybe he can answer here ! 

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