27 January 2018

too hungover to cum

it had been a few days since i last shot a load ... and a couple of potential meets had dried up ... and the guy i met up with a few days previously had messaged me earlier that day ... so i thought i would try him again ...

the only trouble was that he had previously said he was "a bit tipsy" - which i presume meant high ... but the previous encounter was great, and he hadn't been too high.  by the afternoon, he said he'd got some sleep, but was very "hungover" !

he sent me his postcode ... and eventually gave me his house name ... and i was about to walk away ... but he finally gave me his flat number ... talk about blood from a stone !

even in a "hungover" state - he was still really hot ... especially in his trackie bottoms !

we went to his "spare bedroom" to continue our encounter - who in london has a spare room - who is this guy ?!

he didn't want the light on ... but i insisted - he was too hot not to look at ... but in retrospect, it was probably due to his "hangover" that he didn't want the light.

whilst i was getting condoms / lube out of my bag, i took a bit too long ... and it really killed the mood ... i'd never really had that problem before ... or maybe he was just too out of it ...

he kept saying that he was too hungover to cum ... but eventually i got him worked up enough that he shot an enormous load - probably more than the previous time we'd met ... and i followed soon after

maybe if we meet again, it can be when he's neither "tipsy" or "hungover" !


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