29 January 2018

blocked by a rent boy ... almost

this is the same rent boy that i hooked up with (in a steam room) a few months ago !

i was in the steam room ... and there were five (including me) guys up for fun ... mostly a bit older ... but one really nice looking guy ... and me !

the rent boy was sitting in the corner, clearly not up for it ... but if you're gay, and five other gay guys are trying to wank off ... wouldn't you fake it, just to let them enjoy themsleves in peace ?!

not this guy - he sat moodily in the corner, strenuously ignoring the rest of us !  what a selfish prick.

i was surprised how much it put me off my stroke.  probably not helped by the cute guy being a bit too far away to see him prorperly when the steam increased.

after a while i decided to take a break, had a quick shower to cool down, and had some water ... and luckily the rent boy / selfish prick left the steam room.

this time i was able to stand by the door, which helped protect the others from view ... and gave me a better view of the fit / cute guy.

before long i was shooting ... which seemed to push most of the others over the edge.  sadly the fit / cute guy didn't cum - possibly too new / nervous.


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