17 January 2018

Strangers in Between play

I saw the australian film Holding the Man a couple of years ago, and really liked it ... and recently went to see the australian play Strangers in Between without realising that it was also written by Tommy Murphy

after playing last year in the Kings Head theatre - where i went to see 5 Guys Chillin with GB - Strangers in Between has now transferred to a tiny theatre at the Trafalgar Studios ... the theatre is so small that you're almost staring at the audience members on the other side (if your seat is on one of the sides of the U-shaped space) ... which isn't necesarrily a bad thing !

and you're so close to the actors that you can see the spray as they spit out some of their more forecful lines ... which again, i quite liked.

the play is an unusual set-up of two 45 minute halves, with a 15 minute interval.  i usually prefer a short play to run straight through, to avoid losing the intensity ... but i think the arrangement works well for this play ... and the second half is just as intense as the first - which is quite intense.

it's a really interesting play - and definitely makes you think - especially for people who live comfortable lives in big cities, with plenty of friends.  it's good to be dragged back occasionally and realise how much we have to be thankful for - and how others aren't so lucky.

there is a brief nude scene at the end, which seemed a bit gratutious - almost like it's there to attract the older male audience?!

it's on for a couple more weeks - definitely worth checking out if you're in London.

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