13 July 2019

Airport near miss

i had an hour to kill at an airport before my flight ... it's a small airport which i use regularly ... i was on my laptop in the cafe before security ... keeping my options open in case a non traveller wanted to hookup !

i started exchanging messages with a guy on Grindr ... and he asked me whereabout i was ... and soon after a bloke walked past and looked me up and down !

turns out it was him !!  we arranged to meet up in the arrivals toilets ...

i tried the door of the disabled cubicle, and there he was - having forgotten to lock the door !

he had a beautiful dick, and was quite cute ... and i was well up for some fun ... but he whispered to me that he needed to go and work !

afterwards he sent me a message on Grindr saying he wished he could have gone to bed with me ...

maybe we will manage to finish off what we started another time ...


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