19 July 2019

Tramp Stamp

i started chatting to this guy on Grindr ... and in one of his pics you could see some nice ink work on his shoulder ...

what i hadn't noticed from the photo, was that he had some more artwork at the base of his back !

when i arrived we got down to business straight away - and he was soon out of his single piece outfit - a bit like a sexy onesie !

and his jock strap was soon on the floor too ...

he really had a beautiful body, and beautiful southern european skin tone ...

i asked him about the writing on his back ... he said it was a signature of a "family member" ... i wondered afterwards whether it was an ex boyfriend ?!

the sex was good ... but the only problem was that each time i pulled out of him, the smell of shit was a bit strong ... which really wasn't good !

not sure i've ever experienced quite such a pungent smell whilst having sex

afterwards i was walking around an art gallery, trying not to let the condoms and cockrings in my trouser pockets be too visible !


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