25 July 2019


in one of my new gyms i recently had a good time in the communal showers

i was back there again recently, and there was a guy occupying the prime communal shower ... so i took up positing at the other end (not quite as well concealed) ...

the other guy was a bit older than i normally go for ... but he had a really beautiful dick ... and he was playing with it ...

we started touching each other ... and he was good at stimulating me ...

i was about to cum ... when a regular user walked into the shower ... oh shit !

the new guy didn't say anything - either then, or in the changing room afterwards when i saw him again ... and i couldn't work out whether he was interested or unimpressed

i really need to be safer - especially as a new member of this chain of gyms !

after i was dressed i went to the toilets and knocked one out at the urinals


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