10 July 2019

shock and awe

after the recent experience, i was back again in one of my new gyms ... and spotted a guy i think i recognised from the steam room at one of my old gyms

since it was near closing time, this gym is always quiet, and there was only one other guy in the changing room

i made eye contact with the guy i recognised ... and he came over to my section ... and within seconds he was sucking me ... and wanking his own dick ...

we got interrupted as the other guy in the locker room moved around ... but whilst he had to stop sucking me, he kept pulling on his own beautiful dick

he was soon after to suck me again ... and i warned him that i was about to shoot, and he readied himself for my load ...

i was really turned on by the experience ... and my first ejaculation was quite substantial ... and the sucker recoiled as he was hit by my semen !

he seemed to like it though - as he soon shot his own substantial load

i think it was only my second ever encounter in a changing room

we nodded goodbye to each other as i left ... so maybe it won't be my last !


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