16 February 2017

amsterdam originals

i had chatted to this guy a few days beforehand on Scruff, when he had wanted an immediate hookup ... but it was late, and he was over a mile away ... and i had put him off ...

so we agreed to meet a couple of days later ... and he was keen to experience my urine !

once i arrived into the rather nice flat where he was staying (he had mentioned that his landlady was away) ... he asked if i wanted to use poppers - and emphasised that he only used "amsterdam originals" - not the cheap english ones !

i know i'm not very well versed in the drug scene - but it was the first time I'd ever heard discussion about the merits of different types of poppers ... it's amazing what you learn on gay hookups !  despite his encouragement - i declined.

it's wasn't a great hookup - whilst the guy wasn't bad looking, and had a nice dick - he was rather selfish.  once he realised that i hadn't been drinking (so my piss wouldn't be diluted) he lost interest in that, and quickly shot his load ... and wasn't really interested in assisting me with my ejaculation.

the next day when i looked at Scruff again, i noticed that our chat history had disappeared - he'd either blocked me, or deleted his profile !  i'm not overly upset about missing out on meeting him again.

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