19 February 2017


i'd seen this guy in the steam room before, and thought he was probably up for fun ... and the other day i found myself alone with him in the steam room ... his hands were in his crotch ... which is usually a good sign ... but they weren't moving ... oh well - you win some you lose some ...

but then his hands started moving ... and then his hard dick appeared ... and we were off !

he looks a bit like paintings of Jesus - shoulder length salt and pepper hair, and an incredibly lean body - six pack style !

after playing with his dick, i moved to his balls, and below his (lovely) dick - and was surprised to find a huge bulge underneath.  i think this tends to happen in older guys - it was quite fun to play with.  he also had lovely nipples !

before too long he was obviously getting close - and i found it amusing that he actually looked at his own (beautiful) body as he approached ejaculation.  he shot a decent amount.

unlike some guys - he was happy to let me scoop up his cum and use it as lube for my own masturbation ... and he waited around for me to shoot.

afterwards, i said "nice" ... and he also said "nice" !

maybe we can repeat this nice experience again another time ...

Epilogue - a couple of days later, as i arrived in the gym, i saw him in the lobby ... i nodded towards him but he didn't really respond ... and a few minute later i saw him leaving with another guy - who i suspect is his boyfriend !

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