22 February 2017

department store

i had finished at the gym ... without seeing any action in the steam room ... so i was on Grindr looking for some fun ...

i was running out of time, and a guy replied ... saying that he was at work ... but that there was a toilet beside the Underwear section on the Menswear floor that wasn't checked by security ...

so i headed across the road to see if we could get it on ... and he was already in the toilet ... which sort of made me wonder if he actually worked there ... or maybe he was just spending the afternoon waiting for some action !

he had a nice dick, and was tall and slim ... so it didn't take me long to shoot my load - he wanted it on his ass, and i complied with his request.  he wasn't too far behind me - shooting his load on the floor.

we cleaned up - and i headed out.  not the most satisfying encounter ever - but i've had a lot worse !

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