14 February 2017

tinder guy

i recently went on a date with a guy from tinder ... and whilst i was keen to meet up again, he said he was really busy for the following 10 days, and couldn't meet.  i suspected he was playing games, and wanted to appear to be unavailable.

eventually we sorted out a time to meet up ... but it turned out that he's one of these guys who fuss around with meeting arrangements ... he moved the time to suit himself (again it appeared he was trying to appear popular - or maybe it was to exert authority) ... and generally fuss around.

when we met, we went for a bit of a walk, and he wanted to get some food, so after rejecting my first suggestion, we found somewhere that met his requirements.  we'd previously agreed that we were meeting for sex - and whilst i don't consider myself a wham-bam sort of a bloke, the delay seemed to be going on for ages !

i find it interesting to see whether people arriving into my flat notice the piles of shoes by the front door, and that i always take off mine as soon as i arrive.  most guys do notice, and remove their own shoes off.  this guy didn't - which is quite often an indication that a person is wrapped up in their own world.

soon after we arrived he seemed keen to get down to business ... but once we got naked, after some initial wood ... he lost his stiffness.  he said he was really nervous.  he's in his mid/late twenties, and i'm not sure how many guys he's been with - so maybe it's a credible excuse.  he'd also messaged me earlier that day and asked if i was "excited" - which could have been him expressing his nervousness.

he was reasonably good in bed, but i couldn't get him hard again.  after a while he said he wanted me to shoot - so i did.

as usual, i wanted some post sex cuddling ... which he seemed happy to indulge in ... and told me that i was "very romantic" for wanting to cuddle.  i'm not sure i've ever been accused of being romantic before !

before too long we were both getting hard again (maybe the cuddling helped relax him) ... and next thing he's shooting an enormous load ... which obviously makes me shoot again !

it was a strange session.  he's got a lovely body, and i do like seeing a guy shoot a big load ... but i'm not sure i could be bothered with his juvenile games. 

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