25 February 2017

no touching

i keep an eye on the gyms i go to on Squirt ... and a guy posted on there, and we started exchanging messages ...

he said he was partnered - but wouldn't say with a man or a woman ... and said that he had only ever had non touching fun in the steam room ...

eventually we managed to both get ourselves in the steam room at the same time ... and i realised that he was a hot guy that i had clocked before - really fit, quite handsome, and with a touch of greying hair that can be really hot.

the first couple of times in the steam together there was always a "cock blocker" and nothing happened ... in the mean time i had spotted him in the gym working out - and noticed that he checked out the other fit guys ... which made me wonder if he was partnered with a man ...

eventually we ended up in the steam room together alone ... and i touched his beautifully smooth, slightly muscled legs ... but he pushed me away.  neither of us shot our loads - either there, or in the showers later when we were opposite each other.

afterwards we exchanged messages, and i asked him if i had freaked him out ... he denied it, and just said it "wasn't my thing".

what a waste - beautiful guy - clearly horny as hell - shame he won't touch ... because i'm not sure i can jerk off with him without touching him ! 

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