05 February 2017

you're my third guy

i recently chatted to a guy on Manhunt ... and after exchanging facepics we decided to meet up ... and agreed for him to come over to my place a few days later ...

he turned out to be smaller and slimmer than i expected ... and maybe not quite as good looking.

i almost didn't bring him up to my flat - but thought that i would at least give him a drink, and have a chat - he didn't look like the type who would freak out if i decided later that i didn't want to do anything with him !

after a bit of a chat on the couch, we went next door to the bedroom ... and fairly early on he mentioned that i was only the third guy that he'd had sex with !

a couple of months ago i hooked up with a young guy, who turned out to be pretty damn good ... and for only his third man on man action, this guy was fairly accomplished - he didn't just lie back and wait for it to happen, he was a decent kisser and although he wouldn't do oral at least he didn't expect to receive it.

one way in which he was obviously inexperienced was his shyness about his body.  he got really embarassed when i told him he had a beautiful dick (he really did have), and he said that he would prefer to have the light off - but he accepted when i told him that i never have sex without being able to see the guy i'm with.

the last time i penetrated a guy, i used a cock ring for the first time - and since it worked well, i thought i would try it again with this guy.  the trouble is that although this guy had a nice dick, i don't think i was that turned on, and it didn't work as well :(

we did both generate respectable cumshots - and unlike the last guy, this one clearly loved post coital cuddling.  before too long we were both horny again - although this time he didn't shoot (he'd masturbated a few hours before coming over to my place - idiot), i produced another load.

again we spent some time cuddling and chatting.  after a while he had a shower, and went off to get his bus home.

nice enough guy - i hope other blokes he meets are nice to this newbie.

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