08 February 2017

Tinder date

it had been a few months since my last proper date ... but this guy on Tinder seemed keen to meet up ... and after a month of failing to lock down a time, we finally agreed timings to meet for a drink.

he obviously didn't want to be first in the bar - about 15 mins before we were due to meet he started messaging me on WhatsApp to find out how far away i was.  it was a bit silly - but i don't mind being the first one at a bar - it means i can buy the first drinks, and can escape (with a clear conscience) if i don't want to have a second drink !

he turned out to be cuter than his profile pics, and very easy to chat to.

after one drink he asked about going to get some food, and suggested Nandos - which i was very happy with !  and again, the conversation flowed easily.

however, it turned out that he wasn't looking for a relationship - he seemed more interested in a fuck buddy arrangement.  and he broached a wide range of sexual compatability issues.

this was fine - but it seemed strange for a tinder person.  i had previously asked him (on Tinder) if he had another app/website profile, so i could check compatability - and he said that he didn't (which i think is probably true).  he prefers to meet and chat with a guy before having sex - so he uses Tinder.

we're due to meet up again soon - maybe we will become FBs ! 

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