17 July 2017

post Pride pickup

i'd been in town for a few drinks with a straight mate ... it had been a fun few hours ... and i headed home on the Underground ...

as i waited on the platform for my train ... a cute guy caught my attention ...

a few minutes later when my tube arrived, i managed to get a seat ... and shortly afterwards the cute guy took the spare seat beside me !

i was wearing shorts ... he was wearing trousers ... and there was definitely lots of contact / rubbing ... from both sides ...

and then he touched my torso - with a hidden hand !

as the train pulled into my stop ... he got up to leave - and looked at me directly ...

the first thing he said to me on the platform was "where do you normally get off"

we lived in opposite directions from the station ... but he seemed happy to come back to my place ...

he had a beautifully smooth body to go with his cute face.  and he clearly knew how to use it.  he seemed to want me to penetrate him, but i wasn't really feeling energetic enough !

i was quite surprised how turned on i was after as many pints as i had consumed !

we both came - and he was asleep after barely a minute !!

he stayed the night - and whilst i don't sleep well the first night with a bloke - this was particularly bad, as he snored a lot !

the next morning we had some more fun ... and had breakfast ... and had a good chat.

he seemed like a nice guy.

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