03 July 2017

sauna satisfaction

of the 109 posts that i've tagged with the label "gym" (this will be number 110) - i don't think a single one has ever included sauna action ...

i find steam rooms more enjoyable - less intense heat, and the darkness makes it easier to get things going, is kinder to guys who don't look after themselves, and makes it easier to cover up when somebody walks in !

but the other day i was in a gym that i occasionally go to over the far side of the city ... where the men's locker room has a sauna ... but the steam room is in the pool area - so it's unisex, and less usefu

this particular gym has a 4 out of 5 rating on Squirt - so i guess there must be a decent amount of action taking place - but on my occasional visits, i've never enjoyed any

however on this visit there were clearly some guys up for action ... and it was starting to get interesting, when a guy came in (who i think had probably seen me pleasuring myself before i covered up as he entered) ... the trouble was that whilst he was doing a bit of rummaging ... he seemed quite shy ...

eventually i got bored, and started openly stimulating myself ... at which point the other three in the sauna did too !

it didn't take long before i erupted in pleasure, as did the guy beside me ... but i'm not sure about the other two ...

i needed to go out and sit down to recover before showering ... saunas are definitely harder work than steam rooms ! 

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