15 July 2017


it had been a week since my previous hotel fun ... a few steam room encounters had been interrupted ... and i was keen to empty my tanks ...

i was in a posh part of town around lunchtime ... and it seemed like there were loads of guys at home looking for fun !

i agreed to visit a guy whose profile looked good.  in the flesh he wasn't quite as good as his profile - but not too far off !  he had a great little house - narrow and quirky.

i've experienced it before - but having fun with a guy in a room covered in photos of him and his partner is somewhat off putting for me !

this time i managed to manoeuvre him into a corner where i couldn't see any couple photos - although i suspect that was his wedding band on the counter beside me - so at least i could shoot without being stared at by the "other half" !

afterwards we chatted a little as i got dressed ... and he expressed pleasure at volume i delivered / taste.

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