19 July 2017

to PEP or not to PEP

that was the question that I asked the "health advisor".

i had really enjoyed a Post Pride Pickup ... but in my more sober state the next day, i realised that my uncovered dick had slipped inside him briefly as he writhed around on top of me

on the monday morning i went along to my local clap clinic to get a dose of PEP - i knew that sooner was better, and with it being less than half the maximum 72 hours, i was confident that it would be treatable

the clinic was very good as soon as i mentioned PEP (they pronounce it as a word, rather than use the letters) ... i think they put me to the front of the queue, as i only had to wait a few minutes to be seen

when i explained to the health advisor what had happened, and that i had contacted the guy afterwards, who told me that he was HIV positive, but undetectable ... she was incredibly relaxed

apparently, even if he was detectable, my risk of contracting HIV would still have been incredibly small.  the lack of ejaculation, combined with the fact that i was the top meant that the chance of me getting HIV was unbelievably tiny

she told me that they just wouldn't prescribe PEP in such a situation - that i would have to get a private prescription if i wanted to go against their advice.  she also explained how it's a pretty rough treatment (although obviously not as rough as HIV) - and they would have to monitor my kidney and liver function over the four week treatment period.

the health advisor suggested returning in a couple of weeks to get tested for other STDs, but that i would have to wait about four weeks to get a reliable HIV test ... although of course that one should be clear !

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