13 July 2017

sitting next to the popular kid

remember at school when there was a popular kid ... and everybody wanted to sit next to him ?

sometimes in the steam room it's a bit like that too !

the other day there were a few of us in there ... mostly not overly attractive ... so whilst there was plenty of tugging happening ... the were no explosions ...

then a guy walked in wearing nothing ... with a decent sized member ...

at one stage it got hilarious ... another guy walked in (not very attractive and overweight - so not exactly up there on the desirability leaderboard) ... and admirer #1 scooted over close to the "big membered guy" (so the new arrival would sit the far side) ... but the new arrival almost sat on top of admirer #1, to be beside the big membered guy !

at that stage it was too much for me, so i just left.

later on in the locker room ... i had a better look at the "big membered guy" ... and he really wasn't that attractive.

just goes to show ... that in the land of the blind ...

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