07 July 2017

at the end of the night

i've written before about how the steam room at my gym can get way too busy just before closing ... but in the summer ... with more of the straight guys on holiday with their kids ... it seems to a bit better hunting ground ...

the other day there was a strange collection of guys ...

the overweight / insecure / closeted guy
the pretty / superior / towel tightly wrapped guy
the skinny / necklaced / lethargic guy
the tattooed / constantly moving / stretched out guy
the short black guy lying down with his legs open - who i've messed around with before
the staring guy

i'm pretty sure every single one was up for some action ... but as guys kept entering and leaving ... it disrupted the rhythmn ... and reset the warning radars ...

eventually the tannoy announced the facilities were starting to close ... and most of the guys left the steam room ... and it was just the staring guy and me ...

i decided it was time too shoot ... so i did !

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