13 October 2017

hooking up with a rent boy

for free !

as i was entering my gym the other day, i noticed a guy at the reception desk who i recognised ... from the steam room ... and from the dating apps - where he advertises himself !

i hadn't seem him around the gym for months.  when he was previously a regular, i never actually saw him engage in any fun - he didn't usually even display his dick.

a while later we were both in the steam room - and to my surprise he was actually up for some action.

when i told him that i was getting close - he said that he had cum just before arriving in the gym !

what was slightly odd was he kept saying how nice different parts of me were ... and making encouraging sounds ... sort of like you would if you were being paid !

whilst he has a nice enough body, and pleasant if unexceptional dick - i can't imagine paying for his services (or anybody else's for that matter).

unlike the recent guy, this guy was happy for me to shoot on him.

it will be interesting to see if he becomes a regular in the steam ... or if he was just high and needed constant action the day in encountered him !

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